Friday, 19 May 2017

DV Stocks and Indian Economy

The stock market is considered to be the barometer of any nation’s economy. Currently, the Sensex and the Nifty have touched new lifetime highs; clearly revealing the robust growth of India’s GDP. Indian stock market has gained more than 20% in dollar terms so far in the current calendar year (2017).  With market value at $1.91 trillion, it is being the highest among the ten biggest global stock markets of the world.  The Indian market  comprises of Sensex, Nifty along with other major indices, has been trading at approximately 17 times of Financial Year 2018 projected earnings, with a handsome 20% premium to long term average. Almost all the major sectors, expect IT, pharma and telecommunication services, have well participated in this rally. 

This booming Indian stock market of present time has to pass through several ups and downs since last two-three decades before it has achieved the current milestone. Goldman Sachs has reported that India would be the third largest global economy (after US and China) by 2035.  In a fast growing economy like ours, where GDP growth is estimated to be over 7% in the years to come, incomes are growing and consumption trends are on an upswing. The demographic dividend is being realized at every level. 

In such a bull market most people, who are well versed with the stock market, felt left over. They have money but they feel they missed the boat. The mark of frenzy is when the large mass of investors or traders senses that they been left out of the cornucopia of making quick money where all the shares are going up faster than their fundamentals.  Most uniformed people feel they missed out on the boom conditions of the last months/years and get in hurry to make up lost ground. But most often than not this is the time when most people get their money locked in high valued stocks that needs years to recover.  While diligent investors adhered to tried and true fundamentals, fanatic try to catch up chasing fads. Tey buy the stocks, which have already had a long and decent run-up, mostly touching their lifetime highs. It is always prudent to take help from professional like I do. I trust DV stocks, one of the rising investment companies of Delhi to advise me on my investment. I asked too many questions to them and invest only when I am convinced. They answer all my queries and I am fortunate to have services of such a professional investment advisory company like DV Stocks that tells me when to enter the market and when to exit.  I heartily feel thankful towards their professional benevolence.

Dv Stocks Beneficiary 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


I was too happy to receive the annual bonus of  300,000  from my company. More than the money it was reward for my intelligent working and contributing towards growth of my company.  Instead of spending, I wanted to invest this amount so that it grows and can be more in coming years. I was thinking about various investment options.

I had read that investing in equity is the best investing mode to beat the inflation in the long term; however, I was bit worried as I heard that share market is too risky and I could even lose my capital.  I didn’t have much knowledge w.r.t. investing in equities. I was looking for someone who can guide me on investing so I started surfing various websites and financial newspapers in order to get more knowledge and information on investing in Indian stock market. I opened Demat and trading account but was still hesitant to put in my money.  I don’t know which stock to buy and at what price.

Once, while surfing online I came to know about DVStocks. DVStocks is one of the most renowned stock investing companies in Delhi and one of the most sought after stock advisory and investing companies in Mumbai. The company advises their clients on which share to invest at what rate. Not only stocks, it also advises on derivatives like future and options and provides the proper strategy depending on the relevant market and economic condition. However, initially I was not at all convinced on their claims. How can they be so sure of the security price movements? How do they inform the clients on which share will more and which will not.

I contacted DV Stocks and revealed my concerned. The company informed me that their analyst review the balance sheet of hundreds of listed companies in NSE and BSE. They analyze the profit and loss statement, the cash flow statement, PAT, revenue sources and future projections from their annual statements. They calculate various fundamental ratio.

I was also informed that their analysts consider the amount of debt the company has, check for any legal liabilities, review thecurrent market and economic prospects in order to give any advice to buy, sell or hold.
I decided to take chance and invested on their advice and now I am their client since last one and a half years. I thank DVStocks to help me in my journey to be richer.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


We wish to be very specific that stocks chosen for trading must be fundamentally sound (i.e. these stocks should be eligible for LT investing too); however, they are ripe for big momentum movement.  When it comes to stocks-investments, the advantage of being an 'Inv-ader'™ over being just an Investor is that an 'Inv-ader'™ can take advantage from short-term opportunities that are so often present in stocks markets. While Advantage of being an 'Inv-ader'™ over being just a trader is that an 'Inv-ader'™ isn't taking too much of risk by putting 100% of its capital in trading, thereby curtailing its risk.
In summary, an Inv-ader™ is very well positioned to earn an in excess risk adjusted returns.

We at DV Stocks make the complex investments simple to understand for people with limited exposure to investments or information of investments. With decades of professional expertise in stocks investments and portfolio management, we’re capable of providing steady returns and consistent performance in various market conditions; the company is one of the most sought after portfolio management and stock investment companies in Delhi as well as investment companies in Mumbai.
at April 04, 2017